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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

whereas i'm spending my summer composing pip pip hooray, the broadway musical about pippa middleton.

Guess which bitch just won two free tickets to Day One of Nationals this August?  THIS BITCH DID.  I did so by retweeting @XcelEnergyCtr last night.  They just happened to pick one Miss Spanny Tampson for their free tickets.  I mean, it's gymnastics, so it's not like these tickets are going to be sold out or anything like that.  But free tickets are free tickets.  I would imagine that the Xcel will have similar contests in the upcoming months, so everyone should follow them post haste.

I should also add that the Xcel is the best arena of all time.  I know this because I live about a block away.  Also, I've been going there for about a dozen hockey games a year since 2000.  It has continually been rated the best arena by Sports Illustrated for a reason.  Because it's awesome. 

So come one, come all.  Let's go to Nationals this summer!

Oh yeah, that pesky Make It or Break It show.  Following a disturbing dream I had, where I busted adult baby Kelly Parker for stealing my Vicodin, I decided that I should probably recap the first season of our favorite trainwreck.  I'm kind of enjoying the break right now, but I'm hoping to start again next week.  I am downloading the first season now, so after that's all taken care of, it's time to recap this shit.

Miss you all!