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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

you smell like pine needles, and have a face like sunshine!

Oh, Visa Nationals.  What a stupid name.  Therefore, it will only be referred to as "nationals" or "nats" from now on. 

Now, while I will be doing a full "nats" recap like a month after the fact, the more pressing issue is obviously that of the twinsie leotards.  

Who does this?  Everyone, apparently.  With the million different ways you could patch together a bunch of colors and fabric, like half of the national team manages to pick the exact same combinations?  Unreal.  I blame GK.

We'll start with the most obvious offender, Miss Chellsie effing Memmel.  While she did not match anyone in the actual competition, she still wore a replica of Mustafina's worlds leo.  You know, the one where she knocked out that huge, commanding performance and won the AA?  That's like wearing a copy of Lilia's winning leotard.  Or Nastia's.  OH WAIT, everyone wore Nastia's trademark for like two years.  Silly me.

Just, come on.  It's not even some super gorgeous leotard that looks amazing and flatters everyone.  It's a totally generic, swirly-filled thing.  Didn't China wear one of these too?  Shameful. 

Next, we'll focus on the first of Jordyn Wieber's offenses.

I remember seeing this in person on day two, and wondering where I had seen that leo before.  After struggling to piece it together, I chalked it up to it being the sort of leotard that I would draw if I were to make a cartoon making fun of swirly leotards.  Like, two boob swirls?  Check.  Visible swirls on the arms?  Check.  It was only after some research that I found the initial boob swirl leotard in question.  In both this case, and the aforementioned Memmel mishap, we have instances of girls wearing last year's crap.  Not so with our final example.

Woof.  Let me start by saying that I actually really like the leotard.  ESPECIALLY Maroney's.  I LOVED hers.  It's so different, I didn't initially group it together with the rest of the bunch.  It wasn't until later that I even realized it was the same one we saw like five times at Classics.  But alas, it was the GK "pinwheel" leotard.  Is it embarassing to show up to a meet with the same leo as one of your competitors?  I would assume so.  Again, I blame GK.

GK, you really can't think up of just a few more designs, so that out of the 20 girls competing, 5 of them won't be wearing the exact same thing?  Absolutely ridiculous. 

I hate to say this, but it makes one think that maybe the GAGE girls are better off.  Rest assured you will be the only one at the ball wearing THAT ensemble...

Monday, September 12, 2011

this should be open. it's civil rights.

Well balls.  My blog keeps getting linked to, and I have no posts!  I have some coming, I swear.

In the meantime, enjoy this video.  I have wanted to use this song since they used it this season on SYTYCD.  Japanese, reference to tens, I mean, the song is totally about gymnastics, right?  Totally.  I included most of those who I thought might be making a trip to Japan, which explains the heartless lack of Bross.  I felt like such an asshole even making this video, and skipping over every one of her routines.  Which is why I want to clarify that this is more about the upcoming worlds, as opposed to a nationals recap, where I just pretend that Bross and her vault don't exist.  Enjoy!