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Monday, July 15, 2013

Katelyn Ohashi: a Stan Moment

Is Katelyn Ohashi the coolest girl ever to grace USAG?  Yes. 

Why is an adult female writing a creepy stan post about a teenage gymnast you ask?  Good question.  The reason is twofold.

1. Being at home with a perfect, precious 7 week old baby is boring as hell.  I literally have nothing better to do.  When I'm not feeding, changing, cleaning, or smooching my son, that is. 

2. We have suffered through years and years and YEARS of dull, robotic interviews from our favorite gymnasts.  Now we have the internetz, and with such we get treasured glimpses into our favorite athletes' lives.  Turns out their lives are kind of boring.  Turns out spelling and grammar aren't top priorities.  Turns out I sort of just feel like a creepy old lady stalking a bunch of teenagers. 

As as an apparent maternal adult stalker, it is my business to keep track of all these newfangled social media sites.  I suck at that, by the way.  I only learned of ask.fm about, oh, I'd say three days ago.  I'm pretty sure it's a site with the sole purpose of cyber bullying, but I digress.  For the life of me, I will never understand why asking random people random questions is so popular.  If I see another tweet containing "I HAVE TEN MINUTES.  ASK ME ANYTHING!!!111" I will probably do nothing.

Anyway, Katelyn's answers are actually funny.  Like FUNNY funny.  She seems like a smart girl who loves food and doesn't take herself too seriously.  And what's there not to love about that?  Oh and she's a stellar gymnast.  That too. 

Here are what I believe to be some of Ohashi's greatest hits.  And by hits I mean answers.