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Friday, June 13, 2014

A Walk Down Tweetery Lane

This was my very first tweet, back in 2009.  I used the social media network solely to communicate with NASA, although they never communicated back.

Going back over tweets from years ago is a real trip.  Some of it's ridiculous (I didn't name Dougie to my hypothetical Olympic team thirty seconds after Nationals ended in 2011.)  Some of it was emotional.  I'm not going to lie and pretend that I didn't get a little teary just reading about when Dougie became Our Queen, the Lady of Douglas.

And then there was just some random crap.

This was in 2011, if my memory serves.

I still maintain this stance.  If you want professional, go hit up Blythe.  Professional AND hot.  Me, I'm just Spanny Lee Tampson. 

Then there were times when I clearly influenced the future.  

Ironically enough, I'm like the one person who didn't find it to be the best book of all time.  

And did I get that call from casting?  I did not.  /bitterhag.

Not each production was a fun one, however.

We all saw that one coming though.  She never ever should have done that vault.

 *reminder* read the tweets from bottom to top, as they'd appear in your feed.*

Sad even reading about it.

I remember this well.  My entire feed was just three letters, over and over. 


No one, not Vika, not Jordyn, not Spanny, not Channing Tatum, no one saw that meet finishing the way it did.  

The pure madness that was watching Team Finals live at home alone.  

And of course, who could ever forget our finalists:


  1. It's probs just me, but does curating a public retrospective of one's own tweets not come across as a little narcissistic?

  2. Spanny, I hope you never stop loving Gabby. It's part of your charm. :)