A random girl's random gymnastics ramblings.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

you blew me off to be with stubbles mccripplepants.

This edition of WTF Wednesday is disturbing at best. 

Now, I don't get what you'd call "tons" of views.  After all, who am I but just a sad, lonely blogger trying to stay warm during a snowy LATE MARCH?  (Eff you, Minnesota.  EFF.  YOU.) 

But I can see the few who read here, to an extent, and how they find this little gem of a site.  Sometimes it's kind of fun to check what search terms are being used to get here.  99% of the time, it's "spanny smile," "gymnastics barbie," "copterlegs," or "horrifying hair."  In which case, I am doing my job.  That is the kind of mindless crap I like to focus on.

Then there is that remaining 1%.  You weird motherfuckers.  I can see what you're searching, and I don't like it. 

Perhaps this stupid TMZ story is to blame, I don't know.  Regardless, you will not be finding such pictures on this website, athankyouverymuch. 

I blurred out the actual name (it was not Carly), because I'm not sure she's even 18 yet.  And even if she is, GROSS PEOPLE

Inappropriate.  Also, Chellsie flexing?  Is there some creepy video of that out there somewhere?  Is it viral, like Alicia sacking a guy in the face?  (No pun intended.  Still kind of funny though.) 

In summation, I would like to let all the internet creepers out there know that I CAN SEE YOU.  And you best not be creepin' around my shit no mo'.


  1. boring. Entertain more. New content.

  2. I wish I had something more exciting to write about. Trust me. I'm debating doing recaps of MIOBI when it starts up this week. Thoughts?

  3. I thought the post was funny.

    Yeah, TCO, YOU were probably the one that did those pervy searches.

  4. I agree TCO is probably the creeper! haha I liked the post. When is MIOBI starting back up? April?

  5. I think you do better on your own than when I make suggestions. Comment stands though. And I was the one searching on "nice rack on that girl balancing on the uneven bars from the 1950s on Gymnastics Coaching". ;-)

  6. See, now I'm just tempted to find the weirdest possible thing to search that will bring up your page, just to mess with you... ;)

  7. I have an interview with Nicole Anderson who plays Kelly Parker on MIOBI that you could take a look at and talk about :-)


    Ch-ch-check it out!

  8. Recaps of MIOBI would be cool. I've also been considering doing them myself, but I don't really have a blog and thus have many fewer readers than you do! So it would probably be sort of pointless.

    But I'd love to read your recaps! :-D

  9. It would be an effective TCO-repelling spell, Hermione.

  10. Chells does have a well known picture of her flexing her muscles and she totally has two tickets two the gun show, even more so than Puck.

    Please recap MIOBI for me, I don't think I can stomach actually watching the show but if you can stomach it and snark on it for me I'd appreciate it.

    I remember watching some gymnastics/exercise montage video on youtube created by some guy with a fetish for young athletic girls flexing their muscles. It was creepy and kind of pedophilia-esque.

  11. Seriously though, if you decide not to recap MIOBI, please click on my name and then, as that will have brought you to my profile page, click on "Email". Then you should tell me to write the recap myself. If anyone who has any kind of readership would post my recaps, then I would write them.

    (And you can totally decide whether or not to post the recaps after I've written them and sent them to you. If I write 'em and you decide they're too terribly awful to put on your blog, I will not be offended. So seriously, think about it, if you feel too lazy.)

  12. I love your blog! I know Glee has no relation whatsoever to gymnastics,but i think you could do some hilarious recaps of the show as you were able to do for MIOBI!! Keep up the good work! :)

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