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Monday, April 26, 2010

i was at the drugstore and they were having a sale on dep. dep is a hair gel. and once again, i'm making fun of your incredibly stupid hair-do.

Hollie Vise.

The original bars/beam specialist.  Oh wait, syke, she's actually awesome on floor, and can throw the same vault as the 3rd best gymnast in the world. 

Not too shabby.

This weekend was an excellent conclusion to a fabulous career.  Some people might choose to remember Vise for holding her shit together while her dream was ripped apart live on NBC.  Not me.  I choose to remember her for being captivating, inspiring, and super duper talented. 

*insert slow clap here*

So join me, as I pour one out for one of the most memorable gymnasts of the past decade. 

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  1. OMFG YES. Glee + Gymnastics.

    Can I please get a defying gravity montage for UCLA? Pretty please? They were such an amazing team this year. Last year they broke my heart with their numerous beam screw ups, this year they were the freaking dream team and they won NCAA!