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Thursday, December 9, 2010

whether it's a heart attack or heartbreak, just like broadway, the show must go on.

Hello all! Sorry for the massive delay in posting.  There was a bit of a "fried hard drive incident" over here at Casa de Tampson.  Apparently, it is "bad" for your cat to knock your laptop on the ground while saving a Sims game.  I mean really. 

Here is our destroyer of hard drives.  A true beast.

A fried hard drive is like a Nabieva vault.  It just ruins everything. 


So yeah.  I was in the middle of making a shitty choreography montage, but that is dunzo.  Nade00 released her far better one first, so I don't so much see the point in rehashing mine now.  Onto other things. 

Now that I have all of my business up and running, I shall update something soon.

May your days be form-break free, and your hard drives remained unharmed by cats. 


  1. So glad you are back! You seriously need to do a Spanny version of bad choreo. You can do the NCAA and Olympic floor finals for last three quads version. OMG! It will be EPIC!

  2. btw, the other night I watched all of the "after school specials" that you posted a long time ago.....I was DYING laughing. Your commentary was spot on.

  3. I liked the bad choreo video. I think I like the bad choreo. It's expressive and interesting.

  4. I think the world is big enough for two bad choreo montages. Especially since nade kind of ignored all the wonderful NCAA gems like when Abby stack did a whole driving her car themed routine. Or the dreckitude bama puts out every year. Or even Zamaripa freshmen year with that hella embarassed shit eating grin.

  5. GET OUT! I actually did somehow miraculously recover my shitty dance montage, and I'm working on it now. And it just happens to star one Miss Abby Stack, alongside other NCAA greats. It's fun, because I'm trying to find new messes that people don't so much know about yet. But I'm totally off to find that Zam routine.

  6. Love the montage - though I could have done without having to relive the memory of abby stack. Thank god we no longer have to hear about how much "fun" that routine was!

  7. Spanny your cat is the vertiable dopplganger for my cat, right down to him being evil incarnate.

    Anon- oh god don't get me started on the Georgia commentary. It was a special kind of awful because there was no reason why an athlete who trained in a gymnastics for 15+ years could be that clueless about their own sport. (and by the way Katie Heenan Dodson Grace's release move was called a COmmeenci, not a Flippy Thing.)