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Saturday, January 8, 2011

i don't understand the difference between an elf and a slave.

Due to popular demand (and by popular demand, I mean one comment from one person) I have completed my previously "lost" horrifying choreography montage!   Thrilling.  Somehow, and I must have done this in a blackout rage because I have no memory of it, I did manage to resurrect the video files from my old busted hard drive.  Goes to show you where my priorities are. 

"You have limited time to save a limited about of files from your device.  What do you need to recover?"

"Fuck the pictures and documents.  I need my montage videos!"

Now, after seeing Nade00's dance montage, I was a little disheartened, because hers was awesome and pretty much did what I was trying to do.  But then I remembered that the horrible choreography pool from which to draw from was deep, and I might be able to find additional clips that hadn't been used before.  I mean, the content alone from one GymDogs meet is overwhelming. 

My video is dedicated to the choreography, and not to the dance ability of the girls.  Some of the athletes (victims?) in the video are actually pretty good dancers.  I'd be foolish to think Courtney Kupets was a bad dancer; she obviously CAN dance.  If anything, she must have a little extra dance talent in order to pull off the crap she did.  Yvonne Tousek is a BRILLIANT dancer.  She just did batshit crazy moves. 

Sometimes performance is what makes a certain piece of an exercise laughable.  The girls who just walk through the movements, to the girls who leap and prance with shit-eating grins on their faces.  It's all entertaining. 

Let me finish by saying that I really miss that days when dance was a part of FX.  And not running, twisting leaps.  Those aren't dance, no matter what the code currently says.  But real creative movement, whether it was a balletic gem or a Geza Pozar masterpiece. 


  1. For the record, I like your montage better than Nade00's. And for some reason, it has inspired me to work on the routines I'm currently choreographing... even though my choreography probably belongs in the montage!! Definitely my whole routine does (My music is from Wall-E, so you can imagine the cheesy/fun choreography), I'm not to sure about the one I'm doing for my sister :-)

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  3. OMG where did you find that song?! That song made me laugh so much (especially when you have the "I can't dance I'm too jewish" and you cut to Raisman)

    Since I think I was the only commenter begging you to make this montage I can feel pleased you included two awesome clips, Abby Stack's tribute to being weird floor routine and Vanessa Zamarippa looking suitably embarrassed. (I think she had to spend the entire summer in Miss Val dance boot camp because next year she was halfway decent dancer on floor.

  4. Spanny is back! Thanks for the montage! This made my morning. Here are my comments for anyone who might be interested.

    0:23- The sideways butshelf shuffle. Nice work.

    0:36- I can't help but love Bross....I admit it. However....this move is a little ridic.

    0:41- That made my morning.

    1:04- I remember watching this move back in the day....it was just as terrible then as it is now.

    1:08- Even with an AA gold- no one is safe from a terrible choreo moment. One word: mistakes.

    1:13- Kupets' shit eating grin- take one.

    1:34- Is that for real? Seriously?

    1:43- I hope she regrets this move, becuase I do.

    2:01- I don't even know what to say about that? That should probably be called the "drunk pony gallop."

    2:10- I'm not sure what a seizure looks like, but i feel like this would be close.

    2:32- I love Ali, but this walking but shelf move needs to go.

    2:53- The pink Leo girl is back. Someone might want to post a link to her entire routine.

    2:55- My niece uses this move when she throws a temper tantrum.

    3:10- Pink Leo girl- wow. Someone help this lost soul.

    3:14- No hideous choreo montage is complete with out the chicken move.

    3:37- She really outdid herself on that one. A nice combo of the seizure and temper tantrum.

    3:38- It's only fitting we end with Pink Leo girl. Again, somoene send me the like to her entire routine. I can only imagine it was a big hot mess.

  5. I can't figure out how to post comments other than with "Anonymous"......can someone help please?

  6. Loved this montage. I laughed and laughed. The only one I personally wouldn't include is Yvonne Tousek. I loved her choreography and her dance ability. I would have paid to watch her floor routines with no tumbling.

  7. Who is pink leo girl and where can I see this routine? Lol.