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Monday, March 5, 2012

i've seen better tennis playing in a tampon commercial.

Welcome back!  Aren't you excited?!  These girls are very excited.  Especially Kaylie, probably because she gets to wear a Nastia Liukin leotard.

I'd love to waste time and explain why I haven't blogged for a million years, but no one gives a crap.  So on with the recap!

If you'll recall, we left with Lauren being a hoebag and boning Creepy Carter after the "big kegger" the girls used to rebel against their new coach, Sasha from Romania with the British accent.

Ok, so Creepy Carter stuck it in Lauren, and now Lauren feels bad because Kaylie is her friend, but she's still going to go after Creepy with everything she's got.  So you know, fuck the friendship.  Despite being an evil little girl, Lauren inexplicably feels some guilt, which leads us into our first scene of the day.  Lauren being remorseful at church, co-starring Sister Mary Summer.

"Let me be pure again."  Fat chance, Slutty McSlutterton.  Also feeling a tad regretful is Kaylie, who is hungover out of her mind.  Funny what two beers will do to you.

Daddy Tanner slut-shames his daughter while the pastor rains praise upon Sister Mary Summer.  Lauren has little time to be a bitch about it, because Sasha is calling in the Main Four for a little extra workout.  Emily flips out because she is scheduled to work a double at the Pizza Shack.  Oh noes!  The gracious Bitchface Chloe offers to solve everything by heading down to the Shack herself to sweet talk Emily's meth-head boss.

At the Rock, Kaylie is totally Captain Obvious, and makes sure the whole world knows about her hangover.

Just barf already, jeez.  The girls fear that Sasha knows all about their party, which of course he does, because he's the all knowing Sasha.  He tosses the girls some beers, and then pounds one.  A beer, not a girl.

It is taking all of my might to keep from photoshopping this picture.

Sasha lectures the girls for attending a party, which is obviously the worst thing in the entire world they could possibly do, second only to having a part time job at the Pizza Shack.  He decides to punish them by making them condition, possibly for the first time in their lives.

Over at the Pizza Shack, Bitchface tries to have a word with Emily's meth-head boss, but is brutally rebuffed when Methy tells her that if Emily doesn't show up, she's fired.  So, Bitchface does what I'm sure any restaurant would totally let her do, and starts working for Emily.  I love how anyone and everyone can and will work for the Pizza Shack on a moment's notice.  No training?  No problem.  Just jump right in!

Over at Casa de Cruz, Creepy Carter shows up to stalk Kaylie.  WHILST WEARING FLIP FLOPS.  OMG, there is nothing, NOTHING, nastier than nasty guys showing off their nasty feet.  Absolutely nothing.

Oh, I have also decided that I hate Creepy's face so much, that from now on I will replacing it with a face that I happen to like very much.  And that face is of current LA King Willie Mitchell.  It really just makes everyone's experience much more pleasant.  Especially mine.

Ahhhhhhhh.  Much better.  Anyway, Leo tells Creepy that Sasha called the girls in for this brand new thing called conditioning.  Creepy flips out, because he knows Lauren has a fat mouth and will be telling Kaylie about their boner-thon at any moment.

At the gym, the girls are laying on their backs, with their legs straight in the air.  Not at an angle, but 90 degrees straight toward the sky.  Nice try, but that's not real conditioning.

Bring your legs down a little, then MAYBE you'll get something out of it.  This is clearly too much for Kaylie, however, because as soon as Lauren mentions Creepy Carter, Kaylie folds.

Back at Casa de Cruz, Creepy Carter is for some reason confessing everything to Kaylie's brother Leo.  Leo tells Creepy to keep his fucking mouth shut to Kaylie, and then punches him in his fat gut.

At the Rock, the girls are climbing the ropes.  They are really struggling, aren't they?  Daddy Tanner comes in to lecture Sasha about something or another, and Lauren assumes this means she's free to jet.

Daddy Tanner is up Sasha's butt to get the board to re-hire him.  Sasha clearly doesn't give a fuck.  The girls take Sasha's absence as an opportunity to heckle each other some more about that stupid party.

Sasha is outside gathering a trash can, when Creepy rolls up trying to get into the gym.  Sasha isn't fucking stupid, and tells Creepy to bounce.  Sasha comes back inside, and has the girls stop doing these stupid, fake, modified pull up things on the LB.  Good thing too, because they're just so tired!

I don't know why Payson looks like a duck.  Sasha tells the girls to sit their asses down, and hands them paper to write down all of their secrets.  He encourages them to write all sorts of horrible things about one another, with the promise that he'll torch all of the paper.

Who in the world wears their hair down to a workout, by the way?  Kaylie quickly gets to work.

Is her arm broken?  That looks like it hurts.  The girls finish writing, and put their papers into the trash can.  But before he lights them on fire, Sasha insists on reading them.  Asshole move, dude.

Payson bitches about how she's better than everyone else.  Kaylie complains about Lauren being a slut, and Lauren moans about Emily beating her.  Emily cries about being alone, and about how all of the other girls are evil.  The girls survive this, and think that they're through for the day, but Sasha has other plans.  It's time to clean the gym!  But not before bitching at each other for a little while first.

Emily finally puts the kabosh in this little pity party.  She reminds the girls that she has to work a real job, which is the hardest and worst thing anyone could ever have to do ever.  This gets the girls in gear, and they finally start to clean. 

Back at the Pizza Shack, Bitchface Chloe is still covering for Emily.  While working, she manages to dump all of Emily's secret information to Demon.  I'm not sure why this is a big deal, but it is.  Methy breaks up the party over cheese sticks, or some such.

Over at the Rock, the girls are scrubbing away.  Kaylie tells Emily to sneak out and go to work, but the other girls are a bunch of pusses and don't want her to.

But Kaylie gives one of her little speeches, and suddenly everyone is on board.  But since the girls are essentially locked in (again, totally legal) they debate how to get her out of the gym.  And really, there is only one solution.

This is a fail-proof plan.  Emily's little chicken arms are going to climb the rope, vault out of the window, shimmy down the other side, and she'll totally find a way back in after her shift at the Pizza Shack.  Fail-proof plan. 

Sasha momentarily wonders where Emily is, but easily buys the "She's been in the bathroom for 3 hours" excuse.  He's got other things to worry about, like who to have run the gym.  Payson's mom shows up, and bitches him out for stealing her family away on Family Day.  In turn, he offers her the management position at the Rock.

At the Pizza Shack, where anything goes, Bitchface Chloe and Demon are starting to wonder where Emily is.

Those pizzas look really good right now.  I need to eat something.  Emily rolls into the Shack at the exact moment that Bitchface tells Demon that Emily has never been kissed.  HORROR!

Over at the Rock, the girls are bored with cleaning, and thus start to divulge more secrets.  Lauren first: she's no longer a virgin.  Like she was one before.  Bitch, please.

Kaylie is as skeptical as I am.  Payson is horrified.  She is very wise, and knows that boning a guy will stimulate your hormones, and make you grow huge boobs and an ass.  Homeschool.

What is it with ABC Family, and their singular use of the term "have sex."  There is no other way to phrase it, they only use the words "HAVE SEX" over and over and over again.  Bone, screw, bang, hook up, put it in, do the horizontal mambo, I don't know.  TRY ANY OF THOSE

Lauren's confession leads to Kaylie confessing that she has a boyfriend, and then suddenly everyone is all BFFs again and they have a big, nasty gym-water fight.

So either they're squirting dirty water at each other, or they're spraying cleaning chemicals.  I'm not really happy with either option.  Creepy Carter managed to wrangle his way into the gym, finally, and Kaylie sprints over to make out with him in front of everyone.

Kaylie reassures him that it's OK because everyone knows about their nasty little love affair.  Lauren is simply thrilled.

Back at the Pizza Shack, Demon is harassing Emily about her secret life as a gymnast.  Super secret information.  She just wants to get out of there, so she can go back to doing fake conditioning at the Rock, but Demon won't cover for her until she does a standing back tuck.  She is very impressed by Demon's extensive knowledge of gymnastics.

Yeah, I totally bought that.  The crowd politely claps, and she races off to rejoin the sluts at the Rock.  She just barely makes it back in time before Sasha is onto them.  Is he the stupidest person on the planet or what?

He gives them some nonsense about lighting each other's candles, which seems overtly sexual to me, but whatever.   The girls giggle and laugh and are best friends FOREVER now.  Emily is naturally confused as fuck.

She doesn't have a whole lot of time to mull over it, because Kaylie dumps a huge bucket full of nasty, dirty, chemical-filled water all over her.

Oh hoo hoo haa haa hee hee, so much fun!  I would be suing a bitch, that's all I'm going to say.  But these girls don't care, because they're the very best of friends that ever were!

The girls finally get to escape the Rock.  Everyone's respective parents pick them up, and everyone seems happy, more or less.  Even Emily is almost kind of civil to her sweet, vivacious mother.  After everyone leaves, Creepy saunters up to Lauren, and apologizes for boning her when he doesn't even like her.  Lauren plays it cool, and acts like this isn't crushing her soul.

I've asked it before, and I'll ask it again: why in God's name does anyone give a fuck about this Creepy Carter?  He is absolutely the worst thing in all of television.  I enjoy knowing that he is a non-issue in the second season, and God willing, he doesn't exist in the third.

Until next week, friends, may your best friends be slutty and your leotards ill-fitting!


  1. Seriously? We waited two months for a new post, and all you give us is a recap of one of the most boring episodes from MIOBI, and oh yeah, it came out like, 3 years ago. Plan on posting about the Am Cup anytime soon? or the Nastia Fucking Liukin Cup? Orrr the recent Russian and English nationals?

  2. clearly this person doesn't know about Spanny's well-justified boycott of the "Nastia Fucking Liukin Cup"

  3. ^Wow, way to be ungrateful.

    Recap was ace, as always. Though I have no idea why you like Chloe, she's not a good mother and her clothes are an affront to my senses.

  4. Really 3:47 anonymous, like Spanny's somehow obliged to write for us? If you want news or opinion about any of the things you mentioned. there's a ton of other sites doing that. Thanks for the hilarious recap as always, Spanny!!

  5. Welcome back! I've missed you Spanny

  6. ah Spanny, I LOVE your recaps - my sisters and I try and be the first to read and link each other to them! It's awesome you are doing the first season, because seriously, who could not want more of your recaps!?!? Crazy I say. And yup, 'Creepy Carter' is just creepy.
    This is what has been missing from my life, keep them coming :D

  7. Glad you're back! I hope you feel strangely flattered that someone loves your blog enough to get mad about it. On the other hand, what a crazy over-reaction. Welcome back =)

  8. "He tosses the girls some beers, and then pounds one. A beer, not a girl."

    Made me laugh out loud.

  9. Welcome back Spanny! I feel like the huge douchey over reaction from Mr. Anonymous was a good inappropriate way to kick things off.

    I have no idea what kept you away.....but I'm certainly glad you're back!

  10. "Who wears their hair down to a workout?"
    I've been wondering the exact same thing ever since I saw this episode over a year ago....

  11. I wish the producers of "Make it or Break it" would read your posts. Then maybe I would watch the show once in awhile. Although I guess, it's just as entertaining reading about it the way the show currently is, if not more so.

  12. Hey hey, glad you're back !! I love reading your articles and recaps, plus I get to learn new words -like for sex for example, which is great added value !(I'm French and English is not my native language)Keep going Spanny !

  13. I love this post... I've passed it around to all my friends who I have forced to watch MIOBI with me (I know, I'm a sad, sad, desperate gymnastics fan) and they LOVED it, too!

    Also, since you are a fellow gym fan who often thinks, "WTF NASTIA," I thought you'd enjoy this awkward Nastia video, if you hadn't seen it yet! I don't even know what the F she is talking about...

  14. I love this post... I've passed it around to all my friends who I have forced to watch MIOBI with me (I know, I'm a sad, sad, desperate gymnastics fan) and they LOVED it, too!

    Also, since you are a fellow gym fan who often thinks, "WTF NASTIA," I thought you'd enjoy this awkward Nastia video, if you hadn't seen it yet! I don't even know what the F she is talking about...

  15. Willie Mitchell is playing again? Good for him!

    And LOL @ Anonymous. You get what you pay for, bud. And don't blame Spanny if the episode was boring - at least she got the funny screencaps.

  16. OMG Spanny,you really need to see this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5EQffpujV4&list=UUG3Rnp4g82Ul_GuAPE0-8lA&index=1&feature=plcp

  17. Awesome and hilarious as always.