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Thursday, July 26, 2012

You Totally Look Like Shawn Johnson

Sometimes I am blown away by the reach that Olympic gymnastics has into the lives of normal, everyday people.  I'm still shocked that people know who Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin are, because I am so accustomed to being the only freak on the block who really cares about gymnastics.  But then I remember that once every four years, the likes of Al Trautwig and Tim Daggett visit our homes and poison the minds of children. 

I'm always surprised to see a mainstream Shawn Johnson.  I mean, I know she's a scrappy bitch who is working HARD for every minute of fame, but it's still weird to me that Sally Housewife knows who she is.  Also, Sally Housewife's kids.  Sally Housewife's kids with access to Twitter.

I guess the way kids gain self esteem these days is not by participating in sports, or the theatre club, or bydoing well in school.  Nope, the better, faster way to get it is to post on Twitter endlessly about how you TOTALLY  look like Shawn Johnson. 

Let's remind ourselves what Shawn Johnson *actually looks like.

There appears to be three separate types of girls who truly believe they look like Shawn Johnson. 

1.  Ugh, EVERYONE tells me I look like Shawn Johnson.  As if!  I am so insulted that people are supposedly saying I look like a girl that everyone says is hot.  

2. People say I look like Shawn Johnson.  I acknowledge that.  Please look at all my pictures and tell me what you think about them. 

3.  I was told I look like Shawn Johnson.  Boys think she's hot.  I understand that, by proxy, that also makes me hot.  Success!

It should be noted that none of the above appear to resemble Shawn at all. 

If I ever have kids, they're not touching the internet until they're 21.

*might not actually look like that.


  1. Idk I would say Shawn works too hard for fame just cause she comes off as more natural and like able. Nastia works wayyyyyy harder since she comes off like a fake bitch in almost everything she does

  2. Shawn doesn't work*****£**£

  3. Love the disclaimer. Lol.

  4. Every time you post i love you more Spanny

  5. Good lord.....teenagers and twitter continue to amaze me. Question- do these kids have their accounts "open"? so anyone can see their tweets? I'm ready for the competition to begin......I'm definitely not a 4 year fan.....so this much coverage of gymnastics is pretty exciting for me.

  6. Nastiya tries too hard to be cool. yea. she's just a bitch.

  7. Shawn's too fat to be hot. WTF are these people smoking? Probably the same ones who think Whoroney is gorgeous.