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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Best of Ebay

As expected, the entire planet is now a part of Fab Five mania.  (I hate the word "fierce" with a passion fiery and true.  I refuse to use it.)  Of course, NBC and Sheryl Shade aren't the only ones out to make a buck off of the superstar teenagers.  I went to Ebay to see who else had the entrepreneurial wherewithal to sell a bunch of crap with the Fab Five name on it. 

Let's start with ridiculously priced stuff.  $175 for a signed picture?  No thanks.  And let's talk about photo choices.  Those looking to suck all they can from the Gabby Douglas name have bunches and bunches and bunches of fantastic pictures to choose from.  Please don't pick like, the one in existence that isn't flattering, and then ask me to pay $100 for it.   

The same can be said for this horrible Maroney shot.  Like, of all the awesome vault and random other pictures there are to choose from, you pick one where's she ass down on the vault mats.  Yes, let me frame this moment forever!  I can't imagine anyone other than Paseka or maybe Belu and Bitang bidding on this. 

Now we have some random upside down crap, some of which also belongs in the stupid price group.

Here's some random garbage, and I don't really know what most of it is.  I mean, I know that's a horrible, awful, no good leotard on the bottom, but the rest is pretty iffy to me. 

If we might revisit the Gabby Douglas moochers, we'll seemingly find a bunch of people who are pumped to bank on the good Dougie name.  A black Barbie- MUST be Dougie!  Here's 50 bucks.  That shirt looks like it was photoshopped, and does not appear to follow human proportions. 

So that junk is tacky, but this next one is just shameful.  Shocking, just shocking that it comes compliments of Excalibur.

Like, let's talk about this.  So I, Spanny F. Tampson, am to buy a cheap used shirt worn by some random coach from the gym Gabby used to train at, and you want me to pay over $200 for it??  GTFO.

I mean, clearly this person was super duper close to "Abby" and has only good intentions from shamelessly trying to mooch off of her name.  Again, I cannot believe this came from those classy folks over at Excalibur. 

And to top us off, here's a $35 Kmart photo of Jaycie Phelps.  Because why not?


  1. What a proud africa american abby must be, persuing the olympics like that.

    1. look clloser....africa american abby

  2. OMG so I could like totally sell the shirts I wore to Olympic Trials for like $2342093482093 since I watched Gabby in them and therefore are a part of history!

  3. LOL. Not surprising there's a bunch of people on Ebay wanting to cash in. Reminds me of the Russians who charge $175 for those awful Bosco warmup suits.

  4. GROSS. I don't know what I find more offensive-- the naked cash grab at the expense of Gabby's credibility (I just don't want her tainted in anyway by crap like this) or the awful punctuation, spelling and grammar. The whole thing screams SCAM.

  5. I love how the shirt is a very rare item. Did all of her coaches at Excalibur only own three shirts each, or something? Then again, it is Excalibur...

  6. I love the huge knockers on MaryLou!