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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

being thrown up on, it just does something to a person.

She of ill-formed vaults.  She of jaw-dropping release moves.  She of scandalous internet pictures. 

Tatiana Nabieva.

Has there been such a controversial gymnast in recent times?  Certainly not since Khorkina.  Gymnastics fans see either her blatant disregard for form and execution, or they see her ability to do ballsy, innovative skills.

The "diva" who brought us this

Unfortunately also brought us this

I am personally blinded by the visuals of her skills.  Having developed during gymnastics' golden years, it is nearly impossible for me to appreciate a skill for difficulty alone, while completely ignoring its aesthetics.  That said, I do admire the tenacity to attempt creative skills, and to go against the grain.  Even if the grain is doing pretty gymnastics.

Do I respect her gymnastics?  Not so much.  Do I respect her as a gymnast?  Yes I do. 

Nabieva: Gymnastics' Russian Roulette.


  1. Убрать сейчас ЕГО сумасшедший
    РОССИЯ ФЕДЕРАЛЬНЫЙ полиции сообщили JA
    ВЫ выебанная...

    Татьяна Набиева.

  2. Tati, you're in Brazil?? Whatever for. Snort.

  3. please remove it
    it's offense for brazilians

  4. Since when is pretty gymnastics "the grain"? Nabieva is more like an extreme example of the direction the sport has taken recently.

    I can't stand her on vault or floor, but like her well enough on beam and bars. She's one of, oh, three elites I can think of who is currently doing an acrobatic beam mount - in that way I suppose she IS going against the grain, and thank god for that.

  5. Her form is no more shitty then Amy Chow and people act like she was the second coming of God.

    Amy Chow was the worst gymnast I have ever seen win a gold medal.

  6. What does Amy Chow have to do with anything? She retired 12 years ago. And for the record, I heard plenty of beeotching about her crappy form and robotic movements.

  7. Your best montage yet :D