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Friday, October 28, 2011

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Jordyn Wieber announced today that she will be going pro.  Cue the insanity.

I don't really see what there is so get insane about, but, you know, it's the internet gymnastics community, so of course people will be losing their minds.

First of all, most people seem to be making this about John Geddert, because he was quoted saying that NCAA does "watered down" gymnastics in comparison to the elite level skills Jordyn is currently does


But seriously, NCAA does watered down gymnastics in comparison to the elite level skills Jordyn currently does.  Like, this is an indisputable fact, is it not?  Jordyn would not be throwing Amanars at the Super Six.  She would not be performing double doubles in the SEC.  Her Weiler kips might have stayed, but that's it.

Despite this fact, people are acting as if what Geddert really said was "NCAA sucks, they're all fat, I'm the King of Zamunda, so go get me a sandwich."  

Here's the actual quote:

"We still need to keep our eye on the prize," Geddert said of the London Games. "I'm supportive of the idea in that Jordyn isn't cut out for college gymnastics. I don't think the 14 weekends in a row doing watered-down gymnastics, that's not what she's all about. When you compete with the best in the world, I don't see her sinking her teeth into that type of situation."

What is so offensive about that?  God forbid that he's right, in that maybe Jordyn wouldn't be super fulfilled doing NCAA gymnastics.  Don't get me wrong, I love NCAA.  I get my subscription to CBS every year, I dutifully cheer on the best team on the planet (UCLA, obvs,) and I eagerly anticipate seeing the girls blossom and thrive in a supportive team setting.

But it's not for everyone.  I get that.  I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been hoping Jordyn would join UCLA and wow us with some divine Miss Val choreography, but I still appreciate that maybe collegiate level gymnastics is not for her.

But, yeah, what kind of monster is Geddert for supporting such a horrifying idea?  The key word here being SUPPORTING.  I have no idea why people are assuming that he made this decision for her.  It's not as if Jordyn is some orphan cyborg.  She has her own mind, and two parents who I would assume want what's best for their child.  Jordyn's not even like, the first in line as far as Wieber children go.  With a sister in med school, and a kind of hot (don't judge me) older brother who is some sort of high school football star, I don't think her parents are sitting around brainstorming different ways to exploit their child.  If this is what she wants, and what her parents want, then what is the problem?

Oh wait, the problem is Geddert acknowledging any of that publicly.  The nerve.  For someone who has produced like a jillion scholarship kids, I doubt that he has some sort of disdain for NCAA.

And let's get one thing straight.  John Geddert is 100% most certainly NOT a modern day Steve Nunno.

As someone who grew up during the Steve Nunno era, I feel very qualified in my opinion that he was batshit crazy.  I wrongly disliked Shannon Miller for years, because I simply could not enjoy anyone who willingly put herself into this man's clutches every day.  What was just an observer's opinion of him became totally validated when Claudia Miller's book came out, essentially confirming what I already knew to be true: Steve Nunno was a nutjob.

When Geddert starts demanding agent's fees from the Wiebers, maybe then I'll compare the two.

For now, I just see him as a coach who is very proud of his gymnast, but also of his own work as a coach.  Again, heaven forbid a man ever toot his own horn and say to himself "You know what, I coached this girl to a world title.  I must be doing something right."  Yeah, what an asshole thing to say.  As a coach, I don't think it's so horrible to take pride in your work.  I don't know a thing about him as a person, but as a coach, I think he's doing alright.

I think Jordyn will be fine.  I think it will be hard, in a market already loaded with Shawns and Alicias and fame-hungry Nastias. However, Jordyn is a gorgeous girl who is at the top of her sport, so I'm sure she'll be able to fight for her share of endorsements. 

In parting, a quote from Young Buck:

Its all about money
Gettin major paid
Stack your cheese in all different ways
Tote your strap and keep your khakis creased
Yeah friend (edited for taste), you a thug like me?


  1. John has is a douchebag, he was long before he made this silly comment, and i don't see him changing any time soon.

  2. I completely agree with you, Spanny. I was surprised that people were so offended by the comment. He has a gym that produces multiple NCAA competitors every year, I'm pretty sure he's not anti-NCAA. Yeah, those routines will be watered down, FOR HER. I have to agree that Jordyn seems far too intense to do the whole NCAA girl screamy thing.

    I just don't get why she's going to go pro and then not get an agent.

  3. I completely agree. I think that it is entirely fair for someone to start claiming winnings that they have rightfully earned. NCAA gymnastics is a fantastic system but it isn't the right choice everyone. John Geddert and Jordyn's parents seem like really sensible people who have her best interested in mind and the knowledge and experience to help her make good choices. Plus, in a way, by forgoing her eligibility Jordyn has left a scholarship opportunity available for another gymnast who will benefit from it more.

  4. If I had to see Jordyn carrying 15 pounds too much, putting a school logo on her cheek and performing a beam routine that in elite would have a 4.8 SV I would probably put my foot through the TV. Thank you Jordyn for saving me from that experience. I also don't think that she'll be stuck serving Happy Meals at McDonalds by going pro but not winning an AA gold in London. Finally, allright John, well put!

  5. John is a douchebag? Hah... I competed in, lived and breathed Region 5 gymnastics. He's far from douchebag... Anyways, great piece Spanny.

  6. The thing that pissed me off about his comment was that he made it sound like omg Jordyn is sooo, like, WAY TOO GOOD to bother with that. And ok, yeah. She competes more difficult skills than NCAA gymnasts do, as a general rule. But uh, no. She's not OMG WAY TOO GOOD when you start thinking about even a "watered down" version of what Anna Li is capable of on bars would wipe the floor with her ass. Or perhaps some of the "dance" that they do in NCAA (still not close to good technique for the most part, but at least they do more than point their fingers and wiggle their hips before people start praising them for how omgartistic they are).

    The fact of the matter is, NCAA isn't for everyone, but it's not like being an elite and "competing with the best in the world" automatically makes it so you're way ABOVE that whole thing. Former Olympians have competed and enjoyed NCAA gymnastics, sometimes even better than they enjoyed elite. So the whole "oh Jordyn has competed with the best in the world so now she's too good" is shitty. Maybe what people--myself included--are reading as douchebaggery is just a lack of tact, or a lack of a damn brain that teaches him how to get his point across without sounding elitist. Hah. Elite gymnastics. Elitist. Heh. But either way. When you make a statement like that and it can in any way be interpreted to be douchebaggery, I'm going to judge you as a douche. *shrug*

  7. People love to get worked up. I agree that her spokesmodel possibilities are limited, but why not cash in if she can? I

  8. Well sacramones coach did say she was too good for ncaa. She will retire never being an all American

  9. Amen to the elvilapprentice. Jordyn isn't too good for NCAA - maybe it's not for her but he totally said it in a way that came across that way. And for someone that gets many level 10s to NCAA I wonder why he would use the kind of language that sounds disparaging. He's a good coach (as seen by his # of successful Level 10s) but Jordyn may just be his one-hit-wonder. He shouldn't piss all over his own kitchen if you know what I mean. If I was the U of Mich recruiter or heck any other NCAA recruiter I would be saying F-U to JG for his poor choice of words. Those recruiters, coaches, and staff depend on University and NCAA funding to keep their watered down gymnastics programs alive, if an elite/pro's coach is saying something that sounds like "badmouthing" NCAA gymnastics I would be pissed.

  10. NCAA recruiters won't give a rat's ass what JG had to say about the state of NCAA gymnastics. They just want the kids who can perform. They don't carry a grudge like some prom date who just got felt up.

  11. NCAA female gymnastics IS watered down. a 9.9 low diff stickfest. I don't care if some of the girls can't do Oly routines, they should still incent those who CAN. It's fucking communist, the way they have it now.

  12. Yeah I'm not offended by the comment at all either.

    I simply read it as John trying to say that Jordyn's mentality is that she would rather compete only a few times a year if it means going out in an arena with top skills and competing against the best in the world, rather than multiple weekends in a row where it's all about the team and consistency with watered down difficulty than what that athlete might be capable of performing. Nothing wrong with that. We all know Jordyn's competitive, hence why she is where she is, and if she knows what she wants in her future already - good for her.

    I'm guessing there's already a few offers on the table which is why the decision has been made now.

    Good luck to Jordyn - I hope it works out for her.

  13. "but, you know, it's the internet gymnastics community, so of course people will be losing their minds." bahahahhaa.

    Just bc Jordyn isn't do NCAA doesn't mean she isn't going to college perhaps eventually. Anyway, if she can make some money being a great gymnast I don't see what the big deal is. It's her choice and her parents sound like they have their shit together to properly support her decision.


  14. I'm actually more curious about what changed Jordyn and her parents' mind. I distinctly remember this interview/article right after worlds about whether she is turning pro and (her parents) mentioned something like turning pro is only worth it if she does well in the olympics...

    JG is probably one of the more candid coaches around. While he is not all that politically correct (aka BSing), I appreciate his honesty.

  15. College gym fans are fucking nut cases. It is tat simple.

  16. Thank GOD someone could get a hold of themselves to write something sane about Jordyn going pro and about John's comment. Why are people so worked up over this? I don't get it. NCAA is great for some people, fantastic. But it doesn't have to be the path everyone chooses. I think she'll be just fine.

    Thank you Spanny for bringing everyone down to earth. I'm sure they'll find something to bitch about next week.

  17. Thanks for putting this out in the blog world. I completely agree.

  18. I would rather an olympic medal to being an All American any day. What is more American than winning gold for America?

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