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Thursday, March 25, 2010

i love repartee... it usually means there's a battle scene coming.

Oh, Svetlana Khorkina, you crafty bitch.  The eternal nemesis to my Dominique Moceanu.  See, in my eyes, anyone who competed against Domi was evil.  So you had Sveta, Atler, and Shannon Miller, all three who would be played by the tallest, nastiest, grubbiest barbies I had laying around.  We actually used to have an old Peggy Fleming barbie, who was quite androgynous.  We gave her an even worse haircut than she already came with, and renamed her Tranzie.  Tranzie would often be cast as Khorkina.  Domi, on the other hand, would always be played by Stacie, this awesome, flexible doll, who was one of Barbies many little sisters.  Bitch had some busy parents.

Stacie was the poo.  She had flexible joints, INCLUDING bendy ankles and a bendy back.  She came clad in this awful full-body outfit... just like Julianne McNamara in the world's best ASS (after school special, you pervs.)  Naturally, she needed a makeover.

Old Stacie/Domi:

New, Awesome Makeover Stacie/Domi!

The short hair allows her to balance, and no longer throws off her twists.  What?  A 28 year old woman altering her old dolls in order to give them quicker rotation weirds you out?  Well eff you. 

Where was I going with this... oh yes.  Khorkina.  I made a montage of our dear, sweet Sveta.  I don't still hate her... well, kind of.  OK, so I don't hate her, I'm just unimpressed.  I respect her originality, and I truly wish more girls would try the Khorkina transition.  But that's about it.  I never saw her toe-dragging as choreography, and her landings constantly made my knees hurt. 

So this montage emanates from the idea that maybe Svetlana Khorkina was not the greatest, most fanstastic, fault-less gymnast of all time. 

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  1. Dude, I totally used my Stacie doll as a gymnast too! Only she was Atler...because I loved Atler.... My Stacie is blonde.