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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

we crave beauty, like a piece of fine art by any number of renowned artists, or an arty photograph of cindy crawford nude...

So, I was being especially nerdy the other day, and was particularly bored.

The result?

Gym Sims!!  

 Real ASac

Sim ASac

Real Shawn Johnson

Sim Shawn Johnson

Real Bridget Sloan

Sim Bridget Sloan

Real Nastia Liukin

Sim Nastia Liukin

Real Samantha Peszek

Sim Samantha Peszek

Real Chellsie Memmel

Sim Chellsie Memmel

I'm happy about how Alicia, Shawn, and Bridget turned out.  Nastia and Sam came out alright, and Chellsie isn't even close.  Oh well.  It was a fantastic waste of time.

A few more samples of awesomeness...

Sims with the "childish" trait do this annoying autonomous thing where they make faces in the mirror.  But in this instance, I thought it was cute, so I allowed it...

Nastia is shown here rocking the bitchface.  It looks like Chellsie is honking at Alicia, but I'm not too sure as to why...

Alicia just being awesome

Again, I don't know why the Sims do what they do.  But it looks funny, so I dig it. 

Nastia planning to overthrow the WORLD

Sim Shawn reminds me of someone else... like maybe a cartoon character?  I can't put my finger on it...

I had to put them in bathingsuits, as they were the only thing that resembled leos.  And I guess if ASU can get away with bathingsuit style leos, then so can my girls.  After all, they do have the figures to pull it off.  

So yeah.  This is how I spend my time.  I'll post more pics if I get around to it.  I'm also thinking about making some other gymnasts, like maybe Khorkina or someone high-profile like that.

What's extra fun is that I put these girls in the same town as my bachelor sim.  My goal was to have him knock up as many women as possible, and therefore become a baby daddy as many times as possible. 

He has way more now, like 20 kids.   Anywho, I'll have to keep him away from these girls... maybe not Asac.  They might make cute sim babies.


  1. Sim Shawn kinda reminds me of Gabrielle Christian, i.e. Spencer from South of Nowhere

  2. The Bridget one looks like of off, maybe it's the hair? Nastia's an easy one to fix, just give her an eighthehead and be done with it.

  3. Right? I'm not really down with her hair either. Since doing this, I have been on the lookout for more "gym" related hairstyles to download for my sims.

    And I totally tried to give Nastia a bigger forehead! The game has some hacks that can warp certain features, but I tried installing one once and it crashed my whole computer. So I gave her the biggest forehead I could but... doesn't do her justice :(