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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

they are not just ordinary jelly beans little girl...these are extraordinary jelly beans!

It's a beautiful, 75 degree day in Minnesota today, which is why I've decided to spend it inside watching YouTube videos.

I randomly ended up on this video.  So, this has to be like, the coolest gym on the planet.  Why?  Because, while they make these movies, they combine two of my most favorite things: gymnastics (duh) and The Office

From what I gather in the comments, a bunch of level 9s film these parodies during their gym-hosted birthday parties.  Which sounds kind of awesome.  They've also made two other spoofs, it seems.  "Gym of the Dead", which involves a bunch of gymnasts-turned-zombies, and "1970s Gym," which includes Rocky, Star Wars, and Jaws.  I'd like to add that the dude playing Jabba the Hut crawling out of his mat-cave is pretty impressive. 

But the best of the bunch was by far their Office spoof.  It's not much plot-wise, but it seems to be that they're training for regionals (WHAT'S WITH REGIONALS???)  Their head coach stars as the Michael, the idiot who has no idea how to lead his group.  But he's the coach, so he knows best.  First, he throws in the seriously inappropriate-in-this-setting

"That's not going by my mouth"  "That's what she said!" bit.  

 Now, while I totally appreciate its inclusion, and would probably make the joke myself, this dialogue seems highly inappropriate given how it is being said to a bunch of tweens alone in a room with some older male dude.  But who am I to judge?

Then, in some wacky drill, he flings a girl onto the ground, and then covers her up with a jacket once she fails to get up.

"She's just had such a good workout... she needs a rest."

 The girl who plays Stanley is awesome.

"I gave up on us winning anything a long time ago. 
Now, I just stay in the back, I do my puzzles, and wait for a time out."

I'm also really digging this girl's portrayal of Kevin.  First of all, the squinty face is spot on.

And her monologue was cute too.  "I am really, really excited about regionals.  I bet a whole bunch of money on the other team to win.  Bad coach is going to pay off BIG."

Not quite sure what happens here, but suddenly GymDwight barfs all over the opposing team, causing them to forfeit the meet (since they were barfed on?)  Sure.  Why not?

Then we're randomly left with Kevin pulling candy out of her top and eating it.

Again, why not?

Yes, it's silly, but it looks like it was a ton of fun to do.  That's my kind of fun too.  And I'll always encourage new ways to have fun in the gym.  Maybe it's the fun breaks like this that keeps girls from burnout, you know?  
 So yeah.  Weird as it may be, this film gets Spanny Tampson's two big thumbs up.


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