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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

is it my fault that the first eight days is basically thirty birds?

This was the first montage I ever finished.

NastiaFan101 got me all motivated, so I hammered this one together.  Greenguy started tossing songs out there, so this one tickled my fancy.  "BOOTY??  Why, that can be about butt shelves!"   *term courtesy of Smiles over at IG*

What's a butt shelf you ask?  Check out pretty much any routine from any US gymnast from the past 10 years.

OK, so yeah...  I didn't realize just how dirty the song was until I was halfway through the project.  All the XXX lyrics (and this coming from me, admittedly a perv, means something) plus a shocking amount of total buttcheek display turned this into a pretty pervy video.  So just keep in mind that this was not my intention.

But whatever.  I still dig it.  So here you go:

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