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Thursday, September 23, 2010

i'm the captain of the u.s.s. kick ass, not the u.s.s. back talk.

So, I know I just focused on this like a week ago, but in the name of fairness, I thought it only right to highlight the HORRID WRISTS from girls around the world.  

Clearly, this is an issue that travels far beyond our domestic borders.

Some consider it ARTISTIC.

I do not. 

I give this one to Romania, in that there are TWO busted wrists as opposed to just one.

Romania, and by Romania I mean Sofronie, had some SERIOUS wrists going on.  I have to ask, at what point does it warping your joints like that start to hurt?

But make no mistake.  Romania is not alone in their faults.  (I mean, obviously, I did a whole post on gnarly American wrists.  But I digress.)

Hello Spain!

Whaaa???  Those aren't even hands/wrists anymore.  They're FLIPPERS.  Those have got to be the biggest hands I have ever seen. 

So there you have it.  While Romania and Spain are closely tied at second, the American girls win this round.  They truly write the book on angled, busted wrists. 


  1. So before I read your first post, I was totally doing this in my beam and floor routines.

    Thank you for opening my eyes to this problem. :P

  2. Sorry this is OT, but that black and purple leo is REPULSIVE. It's not just the awful design, it's the cut (more so the cut). That first picture - ew - way too much hip exposure.

  3. Can you post examples of "un-broken" wrists?
    I personally like the flair of it a little bit, and do it myself. Not as exaggerated, but sometimes.
    Thanks, and great blog by the way!