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Friday, September 24, 2010

people thought i went on vacation but i really spent the summer lost in the sewers

Well, in what is the Sydney AA of montaging experiences, I had to take down my latest video.  Apparently, one Mr. Kanye West does not want his music in gymnastics montages.  Whatever.  To be fair, I don't think the song is even released yet (I just downloaded the music video, and then split the audio from there.)  So, once his album comes out, I'll try re-uploading it.

For those who really, really care, I'll post the link for you to download.

Super Awesome Montage!!

It's just a preview of the potential FX medalists at worlds this year.  I really liked it, for whatever it's worth.  Not much, I suppose. 


  1. The leap code whore cheats are gross. They are trying to cover up not sticking AND they're not connected. That stuff should get hammered by rule and by judge. Whore, whore, code whore. GRR.

  2. Anyone who does both a tour jete 1/2 and a split full in the same routine is a leap code whore. So basically, the entire field. And they don't have to be directly connected; you just can't come to a dead stop between them.