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Sunday, September 19, 2010

maybe i should have covered my mouth when i sneezed blood the second time

I spend a lot of time on the internet, it's no secret.  Much of that time is spent chatting on gym boards, or catching up on the latest and greatest gym vids.  So, if you're as much of an obsessed follower as I am, there is  no avoiding the endless debate going round and round and round.  Russia vs. America.  Think about it.  Gutsu vs. Miller.  Mag 7 vs. the crying silver medal Russian team.  Patterson vs. Khorkina.  Weiber vs. Komova.  And of course, Bross vs. Mustafina.

Now, the general consensus is while the Americans are more powerful and consistent, the Russians are clearly more artistic.  There's no argument on floor.  The Russians are obviously on the fast track to awesome town, while, short of Mattie Larson, the Americans need serious help.  But, the tables turn on vault.  Aside from one stuck Amanar that we've seen, the Russians are... how to say this politely... iffy.  Meanwhile, the US has some monsters on the event.  Good monsters, like Lady Gaga monsters.

But then there's beam.  Good old beam, who separates the winners from the losers.  However, what if the two gymnasts in question are EXACTLY THE SAME on beam?

Take Bross and Mustafina.  People argue that Bross has no artistry, while Musty is the pillar of Russian beauty.  People marvel that Bross is the pinnacle of consistency, while Musty is hit or miss.  Execution, form, fall, stick, BLAH BLAH BLAH

Hasn't anyone else noticed that they do essentially the same routine?

I mean, let this be a testament to modern gymnastics.  We thought Romania circa 1993-2000 had cookie cutter routines?  WRONG.  Those are creative masterpieces compared to what we've got today. 

So yeah, fight to the death over who will emerge victorious come this year's worlds.  But I think they're kind of exactly alike.

*I got the idea from this awesome Cata v Patterson montage.  We need more comparison videos!


  1. Mostly people argue that Mustafina is more consistent than Bross, since Bross is the one who consistently misses during major AA competitions and Mustafina only misses when she's tired or not in the best of shape but...okay.

    That aside, I definitely agree. Their routines are scarily similar.

  2. I miss unique, flowing beam routines from decades ago so much it hurts.