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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

you think wonder woman hugs the cheetah before the amazonian smackdown?

I have been meaning to write a million different things regarding Worlds for the past week, but I have been far too drugged up to focus on the computer screen for minutes at a time, let alone write strings of words.  However, one week post-op has left me feeling fine, and with a clear head I can say:


Seriously.  Now, I may have been hallucinating on and off, but even in the grip of my hallucination, I was able to understand that the American girls absolutely destroyed the team competition.  From prelims to finals, those six girls (yes, six.  #teamannali) annihilated every other country on the planet.  With a 100% hit record, I thought it was pretty obvious that the best team won.  For once, we had a drama-free competition where the champions won because they were the best, not because of meltdowns or shady scoring. 

Despite such a great competition, somehow the internet still managed to explode with people who lost their minds. 

To be fair, the insanity started well before the competition, with the untimely leg-busting from Alicia Sacramone.  Sigh.  It just shouldn't have happened.  What else is there to say?  Apparently, a whole lot, because the gym world lost its marbles.  I do not like Martha Karolyi.  I do not support Martha Karolyi.  I think the selection procedures are out of whack, and are the direct cause of many injuries.  Her system is outdated, and if not for a seemingly bottomless pool of depth, USAG would be so very screwed. 

That said, I don't think Martha is evil.  I don't think she wakes up every morning, and asks herself "Hmmm.  How can I destroy a little girl's dreams today?"  Rumor ran rampant in the days following Alicia's injury, where nameless sources claimed Martha, upon seeing Alicia crumple on the floor, told her she hated her, and to stop acting like a baby.  They claim that Martha said, verbatim, "I hate you."

A couple of things here.  I can't understand what Martha says, ever.  I don't understand how she has been in the country for 30 years and still manages to speak with the thickest accent imaginable.  Despite that, we're to believe that our unnamed source was able to not only hear Martha, but able to decipher what she said during the intense moments following Alicia's injury.  I don't buy it. 

But I get it, it's fun to hate on Martha.  Certain gymnastics communities are calling for Martha's head, all but predicting her impending arrest, and subsequent burning down of the ranch.  I wish I could say I was being funny and facetious, but I'm not.  They really believe that the police are coming to Tokyo to get Martha, and will award the defunct ranch to the members of the gymnastics community.  Whatever.

I can't pretend to know how selection works, especially when it comes to lineups and such.  What I do know is Anna Li got fucked.  And I'm not happy about it.  It's not surprising, however, that despite bending over and taking it from Martha, Anna composed herself in the classiest way possible.  Seriously, I can't get over how composed this girl has been, and how well she has handled herself.  The effect she has had over Gabby Douglas alone is immeasurable. 

I am thrilled that Anna was on the podium, and accepted HER medal.  I think Alicia being kept on the team was... weird, but if USAG wants to give her a medal, then that's great.  Sac has busted her ass for this country, so it's the least they could do.  However, I desperately hope that they give the "extra" 7th medal to Alicia, and allow Anna to keep hers.  I imagine Sac doesn't give a crap about which medal she gets. 

Despite the lack of Anna, prelims were AMAZING.  Gabby freaking Douglas, 5th place AA!  I totally thought that was the drugs, but nope, that was real life.  In real life, all 5 girls nailed the shit out of the AA.  Unbelievable. 

What a weird meet though.  I can't accept that only ONE medalist from 2010 has the chance to win another medal.  No Porgras, no Tweddle, no Mitchell?  Again, this is real life. 

The all around competition is in roughly seven hours.  Words cannot describe how pumped I am.  For the first time in a long while, we have two super legit contenders for the gold.  Komova destroyed prelims, beating an off Wieber with "only" a DTY.  I am so endlessly happy that Vika has not chucked that Amanar.  I can only pray that she does not choose to do so tonight, because I fear for her life/knee if she does.  Russia doesn't really have the best track record when it comes to chucking.  After her meltdown in TF, I would hope that the team realizes that she's not physically ready for this vault.  And she's already proven that she can do well without it.

This fact has been another source of internet insanity.  The entire gymnastics world loves Komova, as well they should.  She embodies everything beautiful and lovely about the sport.  Her first place qualification gave fuel to artistry trolls all over the world.  Yes, she was amazing, and she had the meet of her life. 

What people don't seem to understand is that while Komova had the meet of her life, Wieber had a few small misses.  Misses that she already took care of in team finals.  In order to win, Komova will have to repeat her perfect meet, while Jordyn really only needs to fix up a few things.  Also, team finals showed us that Vika is certainly not invincible.  As of right now, I give the edge to Jordyn. 

The same people who belittle Jordyn because she's just not Soviet are in arms because John Geddert has the audacity to post openly on his private blog.  He accurately pointed out that despite being touched by her coach, the judges decided not to deduct for it.  He called out the judges.  Given the reaction on the internet, you'd think that he called up Komova personally and called her fat.  How dare he say anything about Russia at all, seeing as how his team wiped up the floor with theirs.  He's just keeping it real.  I have a hard time imagining that any of the actual Russians would be half as butthurt as some of the Russian fans. 

The Russian loss has really brought out the soreness in the gymnastics community.  Yes, Vika is clearly operating at a fraction of her potential, and yes, Demy is sick with a seemingly life-threatening 103 fever.  Yes, Mustafina busted her ACL seven months ago.  None of that changes that fact that the Americans hit every single routine they put out there.  People are desperate to rationalize such an extraordinary win. 

I don't understand how, as fans of gymnastics, people can't appreciate that this meet was won with hit routines.  It was not won by who fell the least, or who was able to chuck the most.  Is this not what we have been begging for for years?

We can only hope for the same level of greatness for the AA.  As long as the scores are fair and the Amanars are not chucked, I will be happy with whoever comes out on top. 

That said, #teamwieber


  1. My problem with Geddert isn't his blog about Vika being touched, that's an appropriate thing to comment on. My problem with Geddert were his ridiculous tweets about the Russians spying on the Americans, and Alexandrov not paying attention to his team to watch the Americans. If someone in the Russian camp made those comments about the Americans everyone would be up in arms about the arrogance of the Russians. Those two comments were completely inappropriate.

  2. I totally agree! Especially about John G. People have their panties all in a twist because he's keeping it real. Everyone needs to calm down.

    I also agree Jordan has the edge.....and we've seen her hit routine after routine. But I don't want to jinx it......anything can happen of course (which is what makes it exciting to watch). Not much in this world could get me up at the ungodly hour of 4am.......except live gymnastics. If I don't watch it live, I'll have to see the headlines on universal sports when i log in......and it will ruin it for me. That being said I suppose I should get some sleep. Can't wait to see how it goes down!

    Thanks for the great post as usual.


  3. By the way, when I watched USA win the team finals one thing stood out......Ali's expressions. She def had the tougue out several times haha. It looks like you noticed that too :)

  4. Best. Pictures. Ever.

  5. Thank you for blogging!!I miss our weekly MIOBI recaps....and I was seriously jonesing for your take on these World's :)

    I am a girl, but I am a huge MAG fan ever since the 2008 Olymics. What are your thoughts on MAG team finals? Personally, USA got screwed out of silver...but I can live with it since Horton ate mat on his vault. Just curious what others think.

  6. I love you. That is all. #TeamWieber I still can't believe Jo's not Jewish...

  7. What's with all the glasnost? Komova's good, but she's a little fairy goblin whose skin hasn't seen daylight in years. Maybe I'm just not as huge a fan of Swan Lake as I am of Bruce Springsteen, I don't know, but Yay Jordan, and I hope you kick her skinny little butt again next year.

  8. For the sake of Alicia's dignity and privacy I didn't post a picture of Alicia Sacramone that day- perhpas I should have posted the one of Martha comforting her as she cried. People are freaking nutso, I swear.

  9. Anna Li had missed her podiums routine and was so hurt she could not train for a while. She definitely did NOT show enough to be in that final and I'm glad she was not chosen. Oh...and she was not "classy". She was approving all kinds of comments from people saying "you got robbed" onto her blog. I know, I posted a respectful 2 sentence post thanking her for her work, but agreeing with the decision (and it did not make it, while people bagging Marta did).

  10. Great article. The excuses the Russians make when they loose are always fascinating to me. Didnt they learn that "excuses are just the lies we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better when we are wrong" lol. So to say its b/c xyz person was not healthy, blah.. comon what country, including the USA did not have a stacked injury list and with some of the best (Bross, Alicia, should i keep going....) but USA didnt say oh no how can we win now (not saying Russia did)? They just did what they had to do and the depth of the country is what often causes USA to come out on top. Other countries just dont have the depth and as a result have to rely on very few gymnast and when they break, the whole team is broken.

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