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Friday, November 11, 2011

your dreams are not dead. you've just grown out of them.


Will it never end??

When Mother Russia is janking leotards from Make It or Break It, it's time for a new design. 

That said, I do quite like this leotard.  It's just that my senses are confused by seeing Aliya wearing a super American Make It or Break It-y leotard.   


  1. Oh Jeebus! It's definitely the Americanness more than the MIOBI that makes it more shocking to me! It's really not bad, just bizarre to see a Russian wearing it (though I guess those colors are Russian too...but I'M AN AMERICAN SO NO, THEY'RE THE USA'S!!!!!). The star makes it look like it's from the American Girl catalog.

  2. LOL!
    To be fair, MIOBI may have stolen the leo from Russia. They've had it since October/November 2010, at least.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oTU8tWU0r4 (I remember wondering why she was still wearing Russian leos).
    I'm going to admit that I'm not sure when the girls wore that one on MIOBI.

    The issue is that a) a lot of countries have similar colors and b) a lot of countries use GK's limited selection of designs.

  3. I guess red white and blue are russian colors too.

  4. Don't knock the use of a good leo, Spanny. There are precious few enough of them in the world.

  5. It's the star that makes it weird. Red, white and blue are the primary colors of at least 28 countries' flags but only about 7 of those have stars on them--Russia is not one of them.

  6. The star is part of the red army flag. I guess the gymnasts are nostalgic for former glory.

  7. I was just wondering if you noticed that Peyson in the "theme" beginning wears the pinwheel leo. Noticed today and thought I would share

  8. THe weird thing about MIOBI leos is colors
    Lauren-red,yellow,or orange.
    Mostly not always