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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Last Time Nastia Competed...

The last time Nastia competed...

Glee had aired one episode.  Finn had yet to join the glee club, Brittany didn't exist, and Tina had a stutter.  

Justin Bieber had yet to release an album, and this was the number one song of the month.

 Lauren still hated Summer, and was a life-sucking scag.

Princess effing Payson was just innocent little Payson, the #1 gymnast in the country, and was shooting herself up with cortisone right before she broke her back.  Kaylie was still with that nasty Creepy Carter.  Emily wasn't even knocked up yet. 

Katelyn Ohashi was a level 10 over at GAGE.

Jordyn looked... pretty much exactly the same.  Just with prettier hands. 

Courtney Kupets, aspiring hip hop dancer, was still competing and dominating NCAA. 

Huang Qiushuang was a better AAer than Mustafina. 

Alicia Sacramone had JUST announced her comeback.  

Shawn Johnson was your reigning world...

... and Dancing with the Stars champion.

Beth Tweddle was the best floor worker in the world.

And this was a thing.


  1. Hell, Emily was the most likeable and sympathetic character on the show back then! My, how things change.

    1. Oh, and Jordyn still had most of her eyebrows.

  2. That thing. That THING should never be mentioned. I don't think I've ever seen the ending, and may have been deeply traumatised by your screen shot. We'll see how that pans out.

  3. ahahahaha, 3 years is a looooooooong time after all

  4. When miobi was tolerable... The only good thing was summer/sasha seeing as how fake the gymnastics was

  5. Love this, really puts it all in perspective! I am actually looking forward to Nationals/Trials this year. Probably because the team will actually be announced at trials, which should be the rule all the time, but of course Marta must be allowed to attempt to break everyone just prior to the Olympics. Guess the petition to stop her from doing that worked out even if Chellsie hasn't had any luck with petitions.

  6. I REALLY wish Wieber would use those PRETTY hands instead of the god damn GODZILLA hands.

  7. Jordyn actually had eyebrows...

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