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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i just prefer to think of the homleess as outdoorsy. so shine on urban campers!

It's another fine WTF Wednesday over here in the frozen tundra that is Casa de Tampson.  Way too cold to go outside, so why not spend the entire week watching Youtube videos?  I know I did.  

I, personally, don't see any relation between Lady Gaga and Uchimura, although maybe he was attempting to kill himself with the quad double, I don't know. 

For those who don't know who Liz Kotler is, and I'm one of those people, she performed a toe-on Strong on UB back in 2003.  The routine itself is rather beastly, but that move is awesome.  Sounds exactly like a Chili Four Loko burrito. 

And yes, Hong Su Jong most certainly does "let loose." 

*sorry it's so tiny, click to enlarge*

I have to let these ones speak for themselves.  I'd like to think that Alicia's correlation to Mr. Bean is open to interpretation, and lies within all of us. 

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