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Thursday, January 13, 2011

if we lose, we should throw possums.

Is there anyone better?

I love love LOVE Dominique Dawes.  Always have, always will.  Is it a massive respect for her talent?  Yes.  Is it maybe a little bit of a girl crush?  Also yes.  But more than anything, it's how she dealt with everything.  She was a champ.  A classy champ.  She had all of the poise of a Texas beauty queen without all of the ditziness and fake boobs.  She is everything all women should be.

And now she's out there, making sure kids don't get fat.  Is there anything this superwoman doesn't do?  I have no doubt that if asked to do so tomorrow, she could bust out a back-to-back tumbling pass, in heels, stick that dreaded punch front, and then casually walk off of the floor and go shake hands with the President, with nary a ruffle in her hair.  That's how classy she is.

While she does hold plenty of clout in the record books, it's not nearly enough, given how incredibly fantastically perfect she was.  Granted, she competed against the best in a very deep field.  But even still, she was SO MUCH BETTER....

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  1. Gabby Douglass reminds me of her, and I feel like Gabby will have the same fate, poor thing