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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i told my parents i only want one thing for christmas this year: stop friending me on facebook.

It's our favorite day of the week!  That' right, it's...

And by "favorite" I mean "stupidest" because everyone calls it Humpday, and I hate that.  WTF Wednesday is so much better. 

Our first WTF comes courtesy of NastiaFan101, maker of montages, capturer of high quality videos.

Our friend Fanny was just minding his own business, checking out some close-to-the-bar catches of Demy.  Nothing out of the usual here, so it would seem...

 Let's have a look-see, a little closer this time.

There it is.

That is so wrong.  There are about five girls on that team who would get into adult videos WAY before Demy.

Moving on...

I wouldn't call them a failure.  They were just cursed with following the 1996 gold medal winning team.  And the 1992 bronze medal winning team.  And the should-have-medalled-but-got-screwed 1988 team .  And competing before both the 2004 and 2008 silver medal winning teams.

Speaking of 1988...

I'd say that was most definitely NOT a happy ending.  For her. 

I know very little about Sam Sheehan, other than she competed for Mary Lee Tracy, and that she won a medal at 2002 Worlds on floor.  I know nothing of her intellectual capacity, but she HAS to know that wearing a tube top, taking a picture, cropping off all existence of clothing and then using it as your Facebook default might not be the smartest thing to do. 

That tumbnail for the tootin' bathtub baby cousins sure is cute.  But I have no clue what it has to do with the 1983 Jr. International.  The girls aren't THAT young.

I can't think of any Chinese gymnasts that would ever make me think "Baby got back!"  Baby, yes.  Back, no.

The Georgia Gym Dogs make me cry too, Jessica Simpson.  They really do.  

I wonder what James Joyce has to do with Yelena Piskun.  Maybe she was super smart?  Or was that Andreea Cacovean?  She did crossword puzzles.... in ENGLISH!

I can't even tell... are those chimps?  Or squirrels?  Or one chimp and one squirrel?  Bross does not resemble a chimp or a squirrel. 

And there we have it.  Another fine week full of Youtube WTFs.

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