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Saturday, May 29, 2010

what is your problem? it's just a moist towelette!

Can we talk about this?

What the crap??  This really frosts my cookies.  Do you have zero reflexes?  Are you trying to avoid getting another Euros-like deduction?  Or are you just being a big dumb douche?  WHY ARE YOU PRETENDING YOU'RE JESUS?? 

After she falls, he stands like that for another, oh, I'd say ten seconds.  He doesn't budge.  Then he grabs her, and props her back on her hurt leg.

This is all so wrong.  Injuries suck in general.  But getting injured while your coach is being an asshat must suck an extra amount. 

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  1. HAHAHA a moment of clarity for me this evening... Whenever I read your posts I've been wondering about your crazy ass titles... then yesterday evening I'm watchin Glee and THERE IT IS haha, "its just a moist towelette" - it all came suddenly clear! Gold! :-) (cant believe it took me this long to cop onto that duhhh!)