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Thursday, May 27, 2010

you look terrible. i look awesome.

I'm a little late for WTF WEDNESDAY.  My bad.  I wish I could say it was because I was busy, or had something really mega important to do.  That was not the case.  I'm just lazy.

This is just a random mishmash of wtfs.  For whatever reason, Youtube is getting off on not recommending me anything gym related.  It's like, geez, can't a girl watch one video on Greyson Chance or Westboro "Baptist" Church (rage stroke) without getting four billion recommendations regarding those two topics?  Yeeshk.

So here we are.

I love Yang Bo.  I watch literally billions of videos of her every day.  Did I want to mow people down with a tank when she fell off beam every time?  Yes I did.  So I get that.

I don't know what a shuttlecock is.  Don't really care.  I just like the word.  Shuttlecock.

I should have checked into which exact video from the 1996 Olympics they were referring to with the Love me CHOU CHOU creepy baby toy.  I can only assume something Romanian.  (Get it???  CHOO CHOO.  I'm so funny.)

Perhaps it is that same video that led us to the Magic Bowl Potty Training clip.  1996 Olympics = potty training?  Not so much.  Sydney, yes.  Atlanta, no.

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  1. A shuttlecock is the thing they hit in a game of Badminton. A little hemisphere with a load of feathers hanging out of it!