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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

you two should be wetting yourselves with shame.

And now, it's time for another edition of what I like to call


Sometimes, you see things that just make you cock your head to the side, and stare awkwardly.

Let us begin.

I'm going to go ahead and assume that Komova is just one of those young kids that mindlessly accepts every Facebook request that she gets.  If that's not the case, then... I think we know why the Russians have better expression than the rest of us.

So, speaking of Komova, that girl brings up the weirdest suggestions on Youtube.

If you'll remember, a few weeks ago I noted that Youtube is one big conspiracy that tries to get you to watch videos about sleep walking dogs, when all you really want to see are the latest Pac routines.

Because I enjoyed a few routines from the tiny Russian, Youtube believes that would also enjoy these:

Ok, the guns I get, because of the guns in her latest FX.  But the air crash investigation?  Not too sure what that's about.  But the one that really gets me is the one about the tank.  Some gymnasts truly do remind me of tanks.  Vika is not one of them.

The one gymnast who seems to draw more bizarre YT recommendations than even Komova is our dear He Kexin.

To start, unzipping anything and having it in your face is bad.  So we'll move on.  Brain damage and, what I believe goes on to say triple colon cancer??  I'd love to know what correlation that has with He Kexin's UB.  The "lies" and the lame one about being too old I get.  Yes yes, she's underage, that's old news.  What I don't understand is how Kexin = Joe Jonas.  Maybe teenage girls really like her.

Jordyn Wieber pulls up some weird ones.  Such as:

A little young to be a legend, perhaps.  No longer a myth after Pac, that's for sure.  But what she has to do with Akon, I have absolutely no clue.

This one, while kind of mind-boggling, actually makes a lot of sense.

As does this.

But not so much this.

Finally, we have these poor Chinese girls.  I for one would love to believe that there is some relation between Tan Sexin and super galactic beat manipulators.

But the biggest WTF in all the WTFs is this: what does some little boy bending over and checking out his junk complete with creepy smiley face have to do with a Chinese gymnast?  I'm ok never knowing the answer to that.

I'm sure we all have WTFs in our lives.  But if you're watching videos of Komova or Kexin, then you probably have a few extra ones.


  1. Maybe Komova has a 'really cool' older brother. The kind that shows you which neighbour is growing a little something extra among the tomato plants? Maybe he got her to join the group!

  2. I love your blog! I actually laughed out loud. Thank you for this.