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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

i don't know how to turn on my computer.

 First of all, this is just about the catchiest diddy of all time. 

Now, because the original commercial happened to play during last week's Glee, I may have rewatched it 700 times in the past week.  Rough estimate.  And every time I would think to myself

Well WTF.  What sport has evolved more than gymnastics? 

I also thought Gatorade was cool because they put Chellsie in their last commercial, but apparently I was wrong.  WHAT THE HELL GATORADE?

So I took matters into my own hands.

Behold: the new and improved Gatorade commercial ala Spanny F. Tampson. 

You're welcome.


  1. I looooove your E-volve add. Awesome. And every time I see that first vault I just want to go up to that woman and say "Excuse me, did you take a wrong turn on the way to the hurdles?"

  2. Thank you spanny bugs me the hell out that gymnastics gets ignored in a commercial about how sports change. I still think olga korbut had one of the most badass bar routines ever. I'd love to see cirque du soliel recreate that routine, they are the only m-fers crazy enough to do it.

  3. So where are they drinking Gatorade though? Or are they supposed to have colored gatorade coming out of their pores? That just made me say "eeewwwwww" and turn the channel.

    Someone should be turning this clip into Gatorade and seeing if they will use it for a commercial though. Good Job!

  4. Say no to high fructose corn syrup but say YES to Tampson! I love it!