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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

you tell me when you're ready, and i'll make sure i'm fastidiously groomed.

So, there weren't a whole lot of WTFs for WTF WEDNESDAY this week.

Either I a) didn't spend enough time on Youtube or b) they're onto me.

Let's begin with this gem.  It doesn't have much to do with gymnastics, aside from some decent Memmel turns.  Done by seven year olds.  While wearing ruffly bikinis.  And stockings that look like garter belts. Dancing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies."


Now, I like a good "Single Ladies" dance as much as the next person.  Especially when done by Kurt Hummel or Justin Timberlake.  And I'd be lying if I said I hadn't tried it myself.  But this video gets me on two levels.

1.  They're better than I am.
2.  They're seven.


I am alternately horrified and intrigued.  Take away the horrible outfits and the risque moves, and you have super talented little kids.  And while the FBI might not believe me, what I see here is QUALITY of movement.  Sometimes you need to look past choreography, and in this case how sinfully young they are, and look at how well they move.  We've all seen enough shitty floor routines to know that it's not every day that a young girl walks in with the ability to dance like that.  And not dance like THAT, but just dance.  That's what really intrigues me.

Also, this girl looks like she is about to kick my ass.

Didn't quite catch that?  

There you go. 

The blonde one is intense.  And obviously the best.  Maybe it's because I'm fresh off of writing my Ariana Berlin post, but I am just blown away by really good hip hop lately.  And while it is so very hard to look past the sheer CREEPINESS of this entire thing...

...it is clear that these kids are loaded with talent.  It's really interesting.  And creepy.  Why am I jealous of them??

OK.  Onto slightly less weird things.

1.  Enough of the Shawn fat jokes.  2.  Alien arms creep me out to no end.  I pray SJ never ever looks like that.  3.  I don't even know.  If you've ever seen the episode in question, Peter goes blind, and accidentally gets into bed with Chris.   So what that has to do with Shawn I don't know, and I am totally cool never ever knowing.  

This has nothing to do with gymnastics, but I find it still follows today's theme of SERIOUSLY CREEPY.  I have no clue what young Olivia is singing about, but "Inside of You" is not a wise lyric/title in most cases. 

And last but not least, we have those douches from Make It or Break It.  Bitch has my job, and I am bitter about it.  

"I love my job."  Eff you. 


  1. I think this was part of a dance competition, two of the hallmarks of dance comps are 7 years made to dress and act and dance like they are grown women and lots of neat tricks without much lyricism. These kinds of dance competitions are kind of one step removed from beauty pageants.

    Those girls definitely killed it. But I wish they had dressed and performed something more appropriate for elementary school kids

    As for the memmel turn here's another girl who nails the mmemel turn. Also 7. slightly more apropriate dance and clothing but not by far http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P59O4LNFEv8&

  2. Oh wow. Her first pirouette sequence was incredible! It's interesting how she does her Memmel turn in the opposite direction.

  3. I've been to a number of gym meets where a dance studio has provided the entertainment between flights, and my oh my just looking at all the fathers' faces of shock and horror is hilarious...you can tell they are infinitely thankful their daughters are competitive gymnasts and not dancers hahaha!

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