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Monday, May 31, 2010

my personality, though exciting and full of personality, isn't exactly low-maintenance.

I finished this one a few days ago, and just haven't gotten around to posting it.


I've been pumping the videos out, you see, because I've had an extraordinary amount of free time on my hands.  But that all changes tomorrow.  Why, you ask??  Because the NEW SIMS comes out!!!  Priorities people. 

Anywho, the video was another goofy one.  I absolutely LOVED Weird Al back in the day.  Like, I didn't even know the real songs, I just knew the Al versions (Amish Paradise anyone?)  I also did a class project with my BFF in 6th grade to "The White Stuff."  We brought Oreos and everything.  We got A's, obvs.

Yes, since Pav's been gone, things have kind of gone to crap.  Regardless of her success (or lack thereof) Anna was one of the most beautiful gymnasts of the past decade.  She reminds me of why I love to watch gym.

I am totally rooting for her ultimate comeback, because in her absence, everyone else looks like crap.

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  1. Hey there,

    You have a really cool voice on this website! I like it. You might be as weird as I am!

    Sarah! (from intlgymnastics)